WINR (Real Yield): Earning While You Trade

Every Trade Brings You Closer to Earning.
At DegensBet, every trade isn't just a transaction; it's an opportunity to earn WINR tokens. The more you trade, the more you'll stack up those tokens.
WINR: The Heartbeat of DegensBet WINR isn't just any token; it's the native currency of the WINR Protocol that powers the very core of DegensBet. Thanks to the WINR Protocol's unique incentive structure, any game contract plugged into the WINR Liquidity Pool, and accepted by the WINR DAO, can reward traders with a vested version of WINR called vWINR. What Can You Do with vWINR?
vWINR isn't your everyday token either. It's your ticket to:
Passive Income: Stake your vWINR to start earning real yield while you trade.
Conversion: Convert your vWINR back into WINR whenever you please.
Now, here's where it gets a bit technical – the formula behind minting vWINR is a bit complex. For the full scoop on how this real yield is generated and all the fantastic utilities of both WINR and vWINR, take a trip to WINR docs.
Staking: Making Your Tokens Work for You
For traders who want to kickstart their journey to passive income, staking your hard-earned vWINR is the way to go:
  • Head straight to the staking page on DegensBet.
  • Decide on the amount you're ready to stake.
  • Click "Deposit" and confirm your transaction.

Reaping Your Rewards: Daily Delights

Your rewards won't keep you waiting. They accumulate and become available to you on a daily basis.
Reward Form: They come in the form of WLP, another token you can use to your advantage.
Claim Your Rewards: To enjoy the fruits of your trading labor, make sure to claim your rewards through the dedicated section on the Staking page.
So, are you ready to make every trade at DegensBet not just a transaction but a step closer to earning? Start stacking those tokens, watch your rewards grow, and embrace the thrill of trading with the power of WINR and vWINR behind you.