Funds In: Depositing with Ease

Ready to make a deposit? First things first, make sure you're all authenticated via your trusty smart account.

Accessing Your Digital Wallet: Spot the wallet symbol sitting pretty in the primary navigation bar. Give it a click, and behold the wallet dashboard unfold before your eyes.

Note of Caution: Keep things safe and sound by depositing only the tokens listed on the interface – this shields your assets from any potential mishaps.

Deposit Methods

A. Standard Transfers through CEX

The first stop is the deposit domain. Your unique smart account address, starting with "0x...", takes the spotlight. Click that clipboard icon to snatch that address. With that in hand, jump into your CEX wallet to kickstart the deposit dance. On the withdrawal turf, go for the Arbitrum Network and choose a token given the thumbs-up by DegensBet. Paste in your smart account details in the address box. Seal the deal, and you're good to go.

B. Transfers via Established Web3 Wallet

Venture into the deposit space. Under the "Web3 Wallet Transfer" tag, hit that "connect wallet" button. Your trusty Web3 wallet will chime in with an authorization prompt. Pick your favorite token, select an amount, and give the deposit command a nudge. Your Web3 tool will pop up with a verification prompt – give it the green light, and your assets will flow in seamlessly.

C. Gateway for Credit Card Transactions (On-ramp)

Eye the "Purchase Crypto using Credit Card" option in the deposit realm. The corresponding interface will welcome you with open arms. Choose your go-to currency and the sum you want to juice up your smart account with. Fill out the credit card modal that winks at you next. Usually, your assets will make the jump in just a blink of an eye.

P.S: Brace for the possibility that certain regions might ask for a KYC check. Be prepped to tackle this verification when it comes your way. Time to pump up those funds!

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