The path to mastering JustBet.
WINR Protocol's multi-asset liquidity pool acts as the casino house on JustBet. The pool keeps a certain balance of its assets all the time. WLP holders own the bankroll.
WINR Protocol
Infrastructure protocol for liquidity bootstrapping for on-chain gambling and gaming.
WLP is WINR Protocol's liquidity provider token.
WINR is the platform's utility token. It can be staked to accumulate rewards. It is also used to mint platform NFTs.
vWINR is the vested WINR token minted on each bet. It can also be staked to accumulate rewards and participate in governance.
vWINR and WINR can be staked for rewards. Staking allows you to generate yield from bets and platform fees.
Staking Multiplier
The multiplier adjusting the percentage of a bet allocated for staking rewards. It stays between 0.1% and 0.5%.
vWINR Multiplier
The multiplier adjusting the amount of vWINR minted on a bet. It stays between 0.5 and 2.
These two multipliers get updated at the beginning of each epoch based on past volume and PnL.
Swap Fee
If the bet and payout currencies are different, a swap fee is charged. It stays between 0.1% and 0.8% depending on the action's effect on the bankroll's balance. Same goes for plain swaps.
WLP Buy/Sell Fee
WLP can be bought and sold for any currency in the bankroll. It stays between 0.15% and 0.75% depending on the action's effect on the bankroll's balance.
Entry Price
The initial price at which a trade or investment is made. It serves as the baseline to calculate profits or losses.
The amount of money placed at risk in a bet or trade. It's the capital you're willing to potentially lose in hopes of a gain.
Bust Price
The price level at which a trade automatically closes due to insufficient margin or collateral. Reaching this price results in a loss of the wagered amount. Also known as liquidation price.
Exit Price
The price at which a trade or investment is closed. Comparing this with the entry price will determine if a profit or loss has occurred.
Stands for "Profit and Loss". It represents the financial result of a trade, calculated as the difference between the exit price and entry price, adjusted for the amount wagered.
Stands for "Return on Investment". It's a percentage that indicates the profitability of an investment. Calculated as: (Profit or Loss) / (Initial Investment) x 100.
A trading tool that allows an investor to control a position larger than their initial capital. It magnifies both potential returns and potential losses. For instance, with 10x leverage, a 1% market shift can lead to a 10% change in the investor's position