What's DegensBet?

Embrace Risk, Multiply Thrills: DegensBet – Unleash the Crypto Rush

DegensBet is where decentralized betting gets cozy with crypto-themed games. Crafted for all sorts of crypto degens – whether you're a high-risk leverage guru or an unstoppable airdrop chaser – DegensBet satisfies that itch for high-stakes fun, offering games like 1000x Perp and more down the road. This is a whole new way to bet, tailor-made for the crypto-savvy crowd who just can't resist the thrill of every wager.

The backstage magic happens with the WINR Protocol, hooking us up with the must-haves:

  • A multi-asset pool that lets liquidity providers rake in those sweet yields from bets and platform fees.

  • Enticing players with vWINR tokens raining down, ready to be staked or vested, all set to grab that real yield from bets and platform fees.

We've got Pyth dishing out real-time market data for the 1000x Perp game. So you know the players are in the loop, with precise market deets delivered hot and fresh, right when they need 'em.

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