Be the House: Fuel the Trading Arena

Step into the Trading Arena and Be the Backbone of Every Trade.

In the thrilling world of DegensBet, liquidity is the heartbeat that keeps transactions flowing seamlessly. Our decentralized model, fueled by the WINR Protocol, ensures that liquidity is always on tap for traders. Here, every user has the opportunity to become an essential part of the trading ecosystem by injecting funds into the WINR Liquidity Pool (WLP).

How to Become a Liquidity Provider at DegensBet:

  • Navigate to The Bankroll section.

  • Choose the token you want to contribute – currently, USDC, wETH, and wBTC are your options.

  • Specify the quantity you'd like to add and hit the "Add Liquidity" button.

  • Confirm your action, and before you know it, the WLP amount will be snugly nestled in your digital wallet.

WLP: The Key to Flexibility in Liquidity Management

WLP, representing the WINR Liquidity Provider token, holds the value of the foundational assets within the WINR Liquidity Mechanism. It's a versatile token that can be swapped for any asset within its set, giving you the flexibility you need to manage your liquidity contributions effectively.

For an in-depth understanding of the WINR Liquidity Pool and its intricacies, venture here.

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