Smart Accounts

Taking inspiration from Ethereum's groundbreaking proposal, EIP-4337, also known as Account Abstraction, we've ushered in a new era of decentralized gaming that feels as familiar as your go-to online experiences.

"Why does this matter?" you ask.

In the past, diving into the dApp world required a Web3 wallet – a potential roadblock for those not versed in Web3 intricacies. But now, you can game in a decentralized fashion using your regular social accounts. Bid farewell to mandatory Web3 wallets, say hello to streamlined transactions, and relish in those reduced gas expenses.

Configuring and Navigating Your Smart Account

Imagine it as your personal gaming identity on DegensBet. Rooted in the decentralized realm, yet as seamless as logging into any familiar online service.

Accessing With Your Social Account

Just head over to the DegensBet access page. Pick your smart account and sign in using your chosen social account. Follow the simple steps, and voila! You're all geared up and ready to roll.

Gaming and Transaction Dynamics

Interact with the games just as you always have. And when transactions come your way, wave goodbye to constant redirects and multiple approvals. Thanks to the Smart Account, it's all streamlined. Plus, revel in transactions free of gas charges, all thanks to Account Abstraction.

While Smart Accounts dial up the ease-of-use, they don't compromise on security. Keep your social account details under lock and key and follow robust security practices. Now, let the gaming begin!

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